Our Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist   (CCRT) will provide the care required for a speedy recovery and to insure the highest quality of life. Our state of the art equipment, such as the water treadmill, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and saltwater pool provides our staff with the tools for the best rehabilitation in Kentucky.

After many orthopedic surgeries, rehab therapies can help with pain management and aid in a faster recovery for pets. Inpatient and outpatient plans are available according to patient needs and client convenience. Through rehab therapy, many pets can recover from injury and avoid painful surgeries. From the animal athlete to the geriatric pet, we strive to increase function and comfort with in-clinic treatment and home exercise planning. Using therapeutic modalities, manual therapies, exercise and stretching activities, many pets can live more comfortably post injury or even with arthritis.

We strive to strengthen pets, decrease pain, and better their quality of life.



Water Therapy

Our water treadmill and saltwater pool provide therapy and fitness options for your pet. Post-op and post-injury recovery can be faster and less painful using low-impact water exercises

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

This advanced therapy is used for wound care, infection control, to decrease swelling (especially involving the brain, spinal cord, and other vital organs) and to accelerate healing.

Supplemental Therapies

Acupuncture performed by certified veterinarians can provide a safe addition to traditional veterinary medicine and surgery. Nutritional therapy and herbal supplements are treatment options beneficial for many pets.